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The Panda Dress X Denim Jacket

16:06Lade Ibikunle

Hey guys! How are you all doing. Welcome again to my little space on the internet. Hope life has been treating you well?

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I have been so busy in the last two weeks mehn! For anyone who works in advertising, you know that November/December is when work really starts for us. Brands are doing promos, some sort of party, giveaways, and generally trying to wrap up communication for the festive season so WORK!!! But man must work sha as this blogging something has not started racking millions 😋

I have been hoarding these set of pictures since My Casa Del Papa, Benin Republic Trip since September and I don't really why. From the time I saw these yellow chalets online while researching the resort, I knew I was going to do a photoshoot here. Quite sad I only had one outfit shoot but whatever, I love the pictures!

I'm wearing this cute Panda Dress (I named the dress) that I got from Ali express (on a side note, Ali Express has been with some items that I ordered from them for about 3 months now and they have refused to refund my money. They keep saying my items are in transit, sinceeeeeeeeeee and yes, I have paid for these items!). 

Outfit Deets
Dress Ali Express
Jacket: The ThriftStoreNG
Sneakers & Sunnies: Market Buy

Back to my outfit, this dress would have just been as ordinary as ordinary gets if not for the panda visual in front and I'm glad I bought it but I will never shop on Ali Express again sha. To complete the look, I wore this Denim and a pair of white sneakers! Issa Look yeah?

Eloy Awards is this Sunday and I have my fingers crossed. Thanks to all who voted for me! Winner will be announced this Sunday *shivers*

Till next time 😘

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