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2017 Photoshoot Bloopers

18:31Lade Ibikunle

I'm ending the year on a fun note just as I did last year with my funny 2017 photoshoot bloopers! I want to use this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who took a picture of me this year, friends, colleagues, boo and random strangers on the street, you all are amazing. I already did all my Thank you in my last post but I saved the one for photographers till this post! So without further ado, lets get into it!

Every blogger has a photo of them dressing up at locations so don't judge me okay?

I sincerly do not know what was going on here, I swwear I don't. I'm ashamed!

The glee on my face ehn, I'm sure Ewere was saying all the right things!

When I get to location and realize I'm my SD card is not in the camera

Whoever I was angry at here ehn!

when you try to pose for 'candids', here's what you get

My junior sister was at this shoot and I think I was reprimanding her about something

I was testing lighting and stuff with Nneoma

I really should stop making expressions with my mouth, not cute!

I was talking to bae about how he needs to bend down so he can take a nice photo of me. I guess he took to instruction

Another mouth expression, chai

Remember this pose from my last post, I almost broke my leg for it!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I. You are free to give the photos your caption in the comment section!

See you all in 2018. Muah 😗

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  1. These are really hilarious. Can you do this more often than yearly? Hahahahaha



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