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90s Fashion | 2017 in Retrospect

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Hello lovelies, happy holidays! How did your Christmas celebration go? Hope you had a nice time despite the fuel scarcity situation in Nigeria. I'm not even going to yield to the urge to talk about how messed up this country is because i'm in a celebratory mood so I'll leave it as 'God help us all'

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This is going to be my last 'serious' post this year (the other being my 2017 photoshoot bloopers, like this one last year) and I thought I should look back on the year and really count my blessings. So many great things happened to me this year from working with different brands, even international ones (it beats me how they even noticed my blog in the first place), to being nominated for Eloy awards,  to growing my blog & social media, to travelling to places I've always wanted to visit and finally starting up my YouTube channel, indeed, God has being faithful and I give Him all the thanks.

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I also have you my loyal readers to thank for all of these successes, thank you for the data you burnt while reading my blog posts and of recent watching my Youtube videos, thank you for all the comments you have left on my all my social platforms and even if you have never left a comment but you always see and like my post, I appreciate you (it would be nice if you leave comments here and there sha).

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On to fashion, I have had these set of pictures since my trip to Casa Del Papa, Benin Republic and I'm glad I hoarded them till now, so I can bow out in style. When I got this dungaree, it turned out to be over-sized but in the spirit of making lemonades out of lemon, I decided to do a 90s inspired fashion trend, I even borrowed my friend's bluetooth speaker so it looks like one of 'em boom speakers 😊. I'm a 90s baby and I'm so happy I get to do this for the culture.

lade's blog

What do you think of this outfit? How would you have styled it differently? What are you looking forward to in the new year? *I know my questions are plenty but please answer them 😊

Till next time 😘

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