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The Perfect Oversized Denim Jacket

17:07Lade Ibikunle

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 Hello guys! How are you doing? I know I have been dropping posts like papapapapa, what can I say? I have plenty content that I need to get out before this year runs out. 2018 has to start on a fresh note!

Today's style post features an oversized denim jacket from SHEIN which I have wanted for the longest time now. So glad I finally have one. And if you are on OG on this blog or my Instagram, you will know that the first thing I look forward to in a clothing item is versatility and this jacket sure meets that. Oh the things I could do with this jacket! You sure will be seeing a lot of it on the blog. just watch out!

I was actually going swimming the day I did this shoot so I wore a pair of thrifted jeans over my swimming trunk (#HackAlert!) and wore this jacket over it! Finished off the look with a fancy choker, a pair of Aldo pointy shoes and my dark shades! #IssaLook

Incase you are wondering, you can shop this jacket here

Thanks for reading this post. Let me know how you would want me to style this jacket the next and I'll sure create the look for you.

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  1. I am a big fan. Love your style. Can you write a post on how to get great thrift outfit and accessories in Lagos

    1. Thanks darling. Will get to this! Meanwhile you can check out


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