Broke Girl Hacks to Looking Rich & Expensive fashion

8 Broke Girl Hacks to Looking Rich & Expensive

14:18Lade Ibikunle

how to look cool, rich and expensive

Everybody wants to look bad, bougie, well put together and expensive but unfortunately, we don't all have Otedola's kind of money! In this post, I'll be sharing 8 ways to look rich and expensive without spending your life savings!

Neutral Makeup
The saying less is more is actually a true cliche statement. Neutral makeup gives room for your face to glow and flourish which gives the illusion that your skincare is onpoint! You don't have to bake your face, opt for nudes and go easy on eyeshadow. It will even help you save money on makeup products.
how to look cool, rich and expensive

Simple Jewelry
Another 'less is more' can be appropriated to this point. Simple jewelry like studs, tiny pendants, etc gives the illusion that you are royalty. Don't believe me? Check out Kate Middleton

how to look cool, rich and expensive

Red Lipstick
This would most especially look great if you have on a white tshirt, blue jeans, with your hair packed into a pony tail and a pair of court shoes. Bougieeeeeeeeeee
how to look cool, rich and expensive
Straight weave
There's just something about middle part straight weave that just makes one look so badass and bougie. I got this wig for only 13k (there are even cheaper ones) at Eko Market and the compliments I've gotten for it ehn! Just see how good I look!
how to look cool, rich and expensive

Neutral Outfit
Neutral outfits like white tee & jeans, all black, pastels, pinks, nudes are a good way to look expensive even though your total outfit is only about 2k. You just need to find the right shoes to go with it. Which brings me to my next point
how to look cool, rich and expensive

Pointy Toe Shoes
There's just something about pointy toe shoes that screams expensive. You don't even have to buy the designer ones. Just a regular pointy toe shoe will take you from 0-100.
how to look cool, rich and expensive

Blazer/ Jacket
The right blazer/Jacket can make you look like you own a fortune 500 company. I mean just check out this picture below

how to look cool, rich and expensivehow to look cool, rich and expensive

This trick is especially good for days when you don't feel like wearing makeup but still want to look put together.
how to look cool, rich and expensive

That's it guys! those are my hacks to looking rich and expensive even though you gat no money. Let me know your other tips and tricks are in the comment section below. Till next time 😘

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  1. Lol will try out some of these tips because I live bogous jewelry. I think another tip could be hats,especially those tiny one's

  2. I've always been a fan of neutral make up.. My mom keeps emphasizing this... Although once in a while, I like to explore my options, go bold.
    And hey! I'm also a fan of blazers. That blazer, with a camisole and a high-waisted skirt, to it off with pointy heels/court shoes.... That's girl boss on a golden platter.
    Love this post.

  3. Great tips... and another is to always have your pedicure done. Nails speak louder than some things. Nice tips.

    1. Thanks Shasha, you are right about pedicure. It really does elevate your look.


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