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Fresh Start, Make The Move !

23:12Lade Ibikunle

lade's bloglade's blog
Happy new year lovely people. I'm m so glad we made it into the new year. I hope this year brings to us all the good things we wish for.

The thing with New year us that it offers to us an opportunity for a fresh start if we can really take advantage of it.

lade's blog

lade's blog
It's time to take on that project we have been  lazying about, aggressively save towards those trips on our bucket list, pursue that job we have been eyeing, cut off those negative, fake friends whose life purpose is to bring you down, finally get that guy/girl, basically do anything your heart wishes to.

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Now, all of these things will not do themselves, you have to make the move and make it a conscious effort to reach  your goal. That is what will differentiate you from those mediocres who write out the same list of New Year's resolution every year with nothing ticking off any off the list as the year go by.

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As I write these things to you bear in mind that I'm also talking to myself. Because I know that this well - articulated speech night confuse me as someone that has it all together, far from it! Im also trying and begging God for strength in the department of making the move. But I'm sure with God's help and our determination, we will be able to achieve all that we set out for this year.

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I'm wearing a cute wide leg pinafore jumpsuit from Romwe which I'm not very impressed with. The material is very light and you can tell it was made with cheap material. But it looks fine in pictures funny enough, see life! To cement the whole old school vibe, I paired with round glasses, kangol hat, and this tassled footwear. I think the look came together very beautifully just as I imagined.

lade's blog
What's your take in this look? What are you hopping for this new year? Let me know in the comment section.
lade's blog


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  1. Happy New Year Lade. You're definitely serving chic grandpa vibes especially with that hat. I especially love those shoes, I need a pair like that.

    Princess Audu

    1. Hey boo. Thank you so much. The shoes seem to be the star of this look

  2. Happy new year to you dear.


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