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Samantha's Bistro & Grill, Ikoyi | Review

15:01Lade Ibikunle

Over the last Christmas break, I had the opportunity to visit a few cool places with bae and I thought it would be nice to review at least one of them, actually all of them but I was just lazy to go around with camera. I even took these pictures with my phone eventually even though a planned a full review, the thought of carrying camera ehn 😟. Anyways, enough rambling! I will be reviewing Samantha’s Bistro & Grill located in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Samantha's Bistro is a very cool and cozy place with really cute furniture and decor. Everything from the plants on the table, the throw pillows on the chair, the hanging chair, parasols, outdoor seating all combines to my love for Samantha's grill. Feels like home.
They had quite a lot on their menu but you all know from my post here that I don't like oyinbo food with strange names so I settled for grilled turkey, chips and a glass of milkshake which cost N5,500 ($15) while bae got Ultimate burger, fries and a bottle of water which cost N4,850 ($14). The price is affordable but the cheapskate in me says its expensive!

The wait time was long tbh, I just kept complaining all through. It took over 45 mins from when I placed my order to be served. To think that the place was not full packed when I visited. Makes me wonder how long I will have to wait on a fully booked day! Moving on to taste, the turkey was quite nice but not revolutionary, the milkshake was heavenly and the fries was tasteless for me. Bae seemed to enjoy his food sha and he said it was nice.

Yes I will even if it's just for the pictures and the milkshake!

Thank you all for reading today's post. I really want to incorporate restaurant reviews so suggest where you would like reviewed and it will be done as long as my account balance corporate with me

Ever been to Samatha's Bistro & Grill? Share your experience in the comments.

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