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14:08Lade Ibikunle

Exaggerated Sleeves
Exaggerated Sleeves
Hey you! How are you doing? let me first of all apologize for publishing this post late. I have no excuse really! but better late than never right?

I ask you guys to send me question you will like me to answer in this post and you all came thra! thank you. So without further rambling, lets's get into the Q&A

Exaggerated Sleeves

How do you combine the whole blogging with work and don't you get sanction or something cos there are times you make up a post in your office

I try my best to write my posts before I get to work so I jot ideas in the bus, sometimes in church (God forgive me), anywhere really and then I use my lunch break (I’m entitled to one hour everyday) to perfect the post. My job is flexible really. As long as you deliver on deadline you can engage in extra-curricular activities.
Exaggerated Sleeves

Are you single?
Erm, I'm not married 😜
Exaggerated Sleeves
How do you overcome bad criticism or comments?
Well, i'm not much of a celeb so the negative comments are not a lot, I actually get more sexually inappropriate comments more but what I do is to not answer! I will not fuel their stupidity 😊

Exaggerated Sleeves

Ewa Agonyi & Bread or Chicken & Chips

I will say chicken and chips just because I don't like bread and I will really not eat my ewa agonyi with bread.
Exaggerated Sleeves
How do you edit your pictures!?
I get this particular question everytime and it pains me because I have a post on How I Edit My Pictures and a Youtube video too. I even went a step further to create an Instagram highlight. Click links to get updated
What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D3100 for my blog pictures. I also use a Samsung s6edge for my Youtube videos and most of my IG pictures. Find out how to take good pictures with your phone here
Exaggerated Sleeves
How do you find good locations in Lagos?
Mehn, this one is hard sha mostly because Nigerians are not very receptive to people taking pictures on the street. It's either some agbero (street tauts) is harassing you or people are hurling insults at you from their cars, lets not forget the stares from passers by. But you have to rise above all of these. When it comes down to choosing locations, I spot them from when im passing by a place or from other blogger's posts.
Exaggerated Sleeves
What advice do have for people who want to start their own blog
I would say make sure you are starting a blog around something you genuinely love. Do your research and study others around the same niche, see what they do that works. Then be yourself! Read my post on 5 Simple Steps on Starting Your Own Blog
Exaggerated Sleeves
 Outfit Details
Dress: Romwe (shop here)
Shoes: Gift
Bag: Haute Signatures
Exaggerated Sleeves

Thanks you for reading, I hope I answered your question. Feel free to shoot me a dm if you have any other question you'll like me to answer.
Till next time 😘

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  1. Looking peng Lade. Honestly, taking pictures on the street in naija can be very tasking. I don't like bread as well. PS I like your pictures they're well edited.

    By the way, whenever you can, I'd love to have you over at my blog

    1. Thanks baby girl. Tell me about it. Sure, lets talk on IG

  2. Lade with the sauce. I love, love this outfit blue really looks good on you. I have two questions for you ;How do you manage to stay consistent? Why so beautiful? 😍😄

    1. Lol, Ebun, thanks girl. I make sure to jot down my points/ideas so when I need them, they are easily accessible. And yes I put in the extra work!
      As per your second question, na God oooooo


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