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21 'Never Have I Ever' | TMI | Sporty Vibes

16:15Lade Ibikunle

Hello beautiful people. How are you all doing? I'm so glad to be back here since my last post and I hope you are happy to hear from me too (why does this suddenly feel like a secondary school letter?). I thought to be very laid back in today's and bring you another get to know me post but with a slight twist in the shape of NEVER HAVE I EVER while give you some sporty vibes with my SHEIN ensemble which you can shop here and here. So without talking too much, here it goes

  1. Never have I ever lied in a never have I ever game (lets's just be clear on that)
  2. Never have I asked a guy out (but i've sure put myself in the position to be asked. You can send me a dm for tutorials😉).
  3. Never have I ever gotten drunk.
  4. Never have I ever experimented our doubted my sexual orientation.
  5. Never have I ever like an Nigerian President.
  6. Never have I ever Said an “I love you” without feeling it.
  7. Never have I ever been to a club.
  8. Never have I ever traveled by train.
  9. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.
  10. Never have I ever Fallen asleep on the bus and I’ve passed my station. (I always wake up just before my bus stop).
  11. Never have I ever Been robbed (Thank you Jesus).
  12. Never have I ever Been stuck in an elevator.
  13. Never have I ever had to run to save my life (except in my dreams).
  14. Never have I ever taken part in a talent show.
  15. Never have I ever been arrested.
  16. Never have I ever gone surfing.
  17. Never have I ever though Jesus is not the way to eternal life. (Just to add Jesus loves you very much)
  18. Never have I ever dyed my hair a crazy color (might change soon).
  19. Never have I ever had light (power) in my Nigerian house for one week straight.
  20. Never have I ever been pregnant.
  21. Never have I ever had my parents apologize for something wrong they have don to me (Its a Nigerian parents thing).

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed reading this. Let's have fun with this in the comment section. I really really want to here from you. 

Till next time 😘

Outfit (Top and pants): Shein Official
Pouch: My friend's
Shoes: Skechers

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