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9 Fun Places To Visit in Ghana

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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Hope you are all doing fine. I have horded this post for the longest time now. Not my fault at all. Work has just been crazy. But here it is now. If you follow me on Instagram, then its no secret that I traveled to Ghana over Easter break and I must say, its one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

I wont be giving you cost breakdown as I went with a professional tour group and I paid N270,000 for an all inclusive trip including return flight, transport, meals, tours, shirt, goody bag, etc. I really just wanted enjoy myself and not stress about anything.

Th trip was so much fun and I enjoyed myself to the fullest. Here’s a list of places I visted during my stay in Ghana and I think you would love too.

Independence square/ Black Star Square

The Independence square a large open space with seats around it (like a stadium) built in remembrance of Ghana’s independence. The place has a majestic feel to it and whats even better is that it oversees the beach. It’s a very cool spot for photos and all that. One thing to definitely do there is to stand in the middle of the square an do a 360, its just so relaxing, can’t really explain the feeling. On the other side of the road is the Black star square, which is just a tower-ish building with a black square on the top. Tourists are allowed to climb the tower, take pictures and all that jazz.
Labadi beach
A lot of you on Instagram swore by this beach but to be honest, it was meh. Felt like I was at elegushi with agberos and whatnot all around, so crowded!. The only good thing that came out of my visit there is this nice beachwear I bought from a seller there and the amazing beach pictures I took. Could it be that I went on a wrong day?

Jamestown Lighthouse
Jamestown is an area so steeped in history with lots of colonial buildings. I did not however get the chance to enter the lighthouse cos my tour group got there quite late and we still wanted to visit the fishing village.

Jamestown Fishing village

The fishing village is a really nice place to experience, watch the how indigenes fish, smoke the fish and generally interact with them. I even got to meet some guy that claimed to be on patoranking’s video that was shot there, turns out to be true!

Kwame Nkrumah Park

This is a memorial park built in memory of Ghanaian leader Kwame Nkrumah. The park houses the body of Dr Kwame Nkrumah and his wife Fathia Nkrumah (scary?). The park is surrounded by beautiful, lush flowers and a water fountain.

Crafts Centre

Like I said in my Benin Republic trip, how will people know you traveled if you don’t bring souvenir home? Lol. But asides just buying stuff at the crafts centre, you are treated to a bout of dancing and drumming classes by the guys who make drums at the park. That was the best part for me. Made me feel all touristy and stuff.

Elmina Castle, Cape Coast

The Elmina Castle is located in Cape Coast which is about 3 hours drive from Accra but the journey is worth it considering the amazing things you get to experience in Cape Coast. The castle was once a holding prison for slaves but now it serves as a tourist attraction to learn some precolonial history. Love howvery beautiful and white the castle is, so picturesque.

Kukum Park, Cape Coast

Kakumpark is very similar to Lekki Conservation centre here in Lagos only that the trek to the canopy walk was very steepy with lots of stairs to climb. So make sure you have your hiking shoes on and water if you can cos boy! . The canopy walk itself was a pleasant experience and the view was well worth it. I did not seem to see any animals in the park btw, none whatsoever.

Accra city tour (Nightlife, malls, club, Urbano Hotel for the 'I love Accra' sign, coconuts)

Do not fail to drive round Accra by night. Its so beautiful. Love the way their buildings are decorated with lights. I did not visit any nightclubs cos I was always too tired after the day’s activities but my friends who visited said it was pretty nice. Also what’s a Accra trip without a picture with the ‘I Love Accra sign’?

Additional Info
We stayed at Holi Apartments (very close to the airport). The hotel was very nice but their wifi did not work. Had to buy a vodaphone sim just so I can keep up on social media.
That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed this post. I would sure love to visit other places in Ghana like Kumasi (heard a lot about it). Other African countries I’m looking to visit is Gambia, Tanzania, Morocco, South Africa, etc. Hopefully my account balance agrees with me.

Ever been to Ghana? What was your experience? What other African country would you like to visit? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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