10 things I can't do without Ankara dresses

10 Things I Can't Do Without + Some Ankara Goodness

18:18Lade Ibikunle

Hey guys, welcome back. Hope y’all are doing okay. Today I’ll be sharing with you 10 things ‘I can’t live without’
This post actually opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t get too attached to things. I had to really really really think deep to produce these 10. Some of the things on this list I might even still be able to do without, it just might be difficult. So without rambling further, let’s get on with it.


I hate to have dry, patchy lips so it would kill me if I have to live without lipgloss, lip balm. I just can’t.


If I were never introduced to the internet at all, just maybe I will not give a rat’s ass about it. But now that I’ve had a taste of it, seen how it has helped me, I can’t do without it. How would I have done my dissertation without it? Nah mehn!


It goes without saying. Sleep is important to a human being’s existence.


Same point as the last.


You might be opening your mouth saying money is not the most important thing yen yen yen. Try living without it for a week. Just a week I dare you.

Having my bath

The thought of not even having my bath for a day is ewwwwww. All the sweat, smell, irritation, just eww.

 Personal space

I love my personal space. I need it to think, breath create or even watch movies. It’s very therapeutic for me.


I don’t think I’m comfortable enough to walk around nakee nakee nakeed. What!


Hmn, I love love. And the thought that someone somewhere (family, friends etc) care about me and would always have my back just give me a lot of assurance. We all need love in the world

Cool Air

Not having fan, AC or cool air at all in this Nigeria is a nightmare! How will I live?

 That’s it guys these are 10 things I can’t live without but like I said earlier, it’s not that deep! Share with me in the comment section what you can’t live without. Would really love to know.

Till next time…
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