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Rufus And Bee Game Arcade: My New Favourite Thing

12:00Lade Ibikunle

Are you like me, constantly on the lookout for fun places to visit in Lagos with prices that do not break the bank, that is not a restaurant, movie house, beach or Get arena (cos that place is dead really) then this newfound gem is for you! Its called RUFUS AND BEE (for some reason, I always say 'bees' in my head).

Rufus & Bee officially which officially launched in December 2017 is both a full-service restaurant and a video arcade. I consider it the grownup version of amusement parks.

The whole setting of the place is naturally uplifting. You enter and start to smile for no reason. I'm not sure if its the medley of music coming from the different game booths or the screams of both adult and children or the lighting of the arcade, that makes the place feel and look so happy. High-key MY HAPPY PLACE!

The least amount you will spend is N5000 as an old timer and N6000 as a first timer. Here's the breakdown. To play any of the games, you have to pay with chips and the least amount of chips you can buy is N5000 for 55 chips. If you are a first-timer, you will need to buy a buzz card on which the chips will be loaded. Once you get to a game you'll like to play, just tap the card to the monitor and the price (chips) will automatically be deducted from the buzz card.

Games go for as low as 3.5 chips to 7.5 chips. So on an average, you should be able to play 10 games.

When you play, you are rewarded with tickets which can be used to shop at their shopping center. Some games, however, do not come with rewards like the dancing game, car race, and some basketball games. Things you can shop include candy, board games, basketball, teddy bears, toys, facial wipes, etc.

You may choose not to buy anything, in which case, your tickets will be loaded on your buzz card for when next you visit.

Hell yes! I need to accumulate my tickets so I can win the giant teddy.

Ever been to Rufus and Bee? What was your experience? What is your favorite game to play when you visit?

  • They have a bar and lounge area where they sell food and drinks but I hear its very expensive so I didn't bother visit. Maybe I would. next time.
  • Also note that professional cameras are not allowed in the arcade. You are only permitted to take pictures with your phone.

Till next time 😘

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  1. This is the best review of this place I have seen. Thank you Lade.



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