Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2018 | My Honest Opinion!

20:31Lade Ibikunle

So this year I decided to attend Lagos fashion week and I must say I have a lot to say. I attended last year but I only went for one day and for that one day I was there for like 10 minutes so I felt like I did not attend at all. But this year I decided I was going to attend at all cost cus you can't be in the fashion industry and not attend fashion events. It really doesn't make sense. 

So I applied for press tag, got invited to the press cocktail party which was mostly Dugbe market (my Ibadan people will understand) then I got an email to come get my press tag, quite easy.
So I'm going to be talking about the just concluded Lagos fashion week from four points which are; location, runway, time, and general thoughts. Let's get into this, shall we?

To be honest I quite preferred last year's location which was Eko Atlantic. But in all fairness, this is a new space that has just been acquired by Lagos fashion week. And so, I will cut them some slack on this. I look forward to the location becoming better as the year goes by. I also think the space left for street style pictures was too small. What they can probably do is to move the car park outside so we can have more room for street style slay. And if they do decide to retain the carpark inside, street style should be moved to the street that leads into the tents as it's done for Newyork, London, Berlin, etc.

Lagos fashion week has to do better time!!! How can a show slated to start at 4 eventually start at 9 pm??? That's 5 hours wasted time. Enough of African or Nigerian time! It's dead and gone!!!

The black runway set wasn't bad at all. But I prefer white. You know how I feel about my whites, lol. The designers also did a pretty decent job. But boy oh boy half of the show was painful to watch because I had to watch models struggle with bad shoes!!! They were literally all walking like they had boil in their bumbum. I sincerely don't know if they got the wrong shoe sizes or the wrong way was as bad for the shoes but somewhere in between all of that was a massive failure!

General Thoughts
My best designers that showcased were Style Temple, Rich Mnisi, Sisiano, DZYN, House of Kaya, Anyango Mpinga, and Moofa. LFW also needs to stop this bad behaviour of reserving front seats for ghosts! I say ghosts because nobody occupies them seats. They reserve the first 3 or 4 rows for 'celebrities' that never show up. It's absolutely insane having to seat all the way back (even with a press tag/VIP ticket) and watch the front seats practically empty. This has to stop!!!

I am very passionate about this because I want to actually see Lagos Fashion Week flourish. I want it to meet international standards. It's ours and we need to by all means make it work.

All in all, I managed to have a good time. I met cool people, I networked with amazing people and for that, I give LFW kudos.

Did you attend fashion week this year? share your thoughts below

Till next time😘

*Pictures all mine except 4, 5, & which were taken by Ifeoma of Drapedinbasics.com


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  1. Fashion week was fun for me as always but yes I agree to allot of the points raised especially the shoes, and the lateness. It wasn't this bad last year but oh well. We made the best and networked and it's always a good feeling .
    Please visit my blog www.mayreejay.com

    1. Thank you Mary. The networking part is always worth looking forward. Will sure visit your blog

  2. This was a good read Lade, loved how straight forward you were. Hopefully they work on these things and get better at it. While I didn't attend as per Abuja things, I wasn't a big fan of the location either.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you for reading Sarah. I hope this gets better cos 6 years is not beans

  3. See ehn this post spoke the truth! Their timing is awful, also the fact that they dont fully accommodate bloggers is quite disappointing. I didn't attend this year but going forward I wouldn't miss it!

  4. Very disaapointing. To think this is their 6th year. We deserve better!!!

  5. Is there a way to leave the organizers feed back?

    1. Hi Opeyemi. I am hoping they read this post. I mean, from all the talks going on on social media about the event, they should have taken their learnings


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