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Home Away From Home With Bookings Nigeria X Cotton Suites Hotel

20:02Lade Ibikunle

So the good people at Bookings Nigeria provided me a place to stay for fashion week and believe me when I say it came in handy and I'm super grateful for it.

I stayed at Cotton Suites Hotel located at 5 Amodu Tijani Close, Victoria Island, Lagos which is literally 8 minutes away from Oniru, where fashion week took place. 

On entering the hotel, you are greeted with nice, cozy, somewhat janded vibe.

The staff are nice, the hotel has ample parking, good security and the wifi works!!! You all know the struggle with hotels that claim to have wifi but doesn't work. Or as they usually say 'we are currently working on it'. Comment down below if you've ever been in this situation.

The room I was in was quite spacious and nice. The room has a TV, AC, a chest drawer, fridge, wardrobe, and all that good stuff.

A big thank you to Bookings and Cotton Suites for an amazing weekend! 

Don't forget to use Bookings Nigeria for all you accommodation needs! The site and app are both easy to use. Just search for the input your arrival/departure dates, the area you want and bookings will give you a list of hotel that matches your details! Its as simple as that.

Ever used Bookings Nigeria? What was your experience? Share in the comment section below

Till next time😘


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  1. Wifi almost never job entails a bit of travel so I know.

    1. Lol, you are right about that! Such a shame though


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