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Lagos to Togo by Road | Entire Trip Cost Breakdown | Very Budget Friendly

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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I hope you are all doing fine. Today, i'm going to be sharing with you a cost breakdown of my 4-Day road trip from Lagos to Togo. I hope this post helps someone who's planning same trip or inspire someone to actually travel to Togo because I believe the country is worth exploring.

My costing will be Naira but kindly note that some figures might change when you do decide to travel due to exchange rate fluctuation and the state of the economy both in Lagos and Togo. Without rambling much, lets get into it!

We stayed at Hotel Sarakawa and mehn, it was beautiful. Don't just take my word for it, watch the hotel room tour on my channel. It was a duplex situation with two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen (which means we could cook our own meals), balcony, and an amazing view. It costs N125,625 for 3 nights and we split the cost amongst the four of us. That came down to N31,406 each (you can't get this price in Lagos!!!) . We booked the hotel on Also note that we opted out of hotel breakfast to reduce our expense.

We booked a Sienna and a driver to take us to Lome,Togo and drive us back to Lagos. The driver that came with the car was also in charge of border clearing and all of the shenanigan which made our lives easier. Transportation cost N280,000 and shared amongst the four of us, it came down to N70,000. Kindly note that, you don't have to go with this option. You can go by public transportation with ABC or any of these other luxurious buses which is about N15,000 to N16,000.

As I said in my post about 9 touristy things to do in Togo, we had to chatter a cab to drive us to Kpalime and back. That cost N25000 and divided by the four of us, it came down to N6,250 each.
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Since we had a full kitchen, we had to shop for food (noodles, bread, cereal, milk, sugar, etc), water, snacks. We mostly cooked in the morning before heading out then had lunch and dinner at roadside shops/restaurants. We also payed for bike rides, cab rides, sim card, internet (for when we are out of the hotel) and that costs about N20,000 each for four days.

In total we spent N127,656 each  on this entire trip. I think that's a great bargain! 

Watch my Togo trip vlogs below

Hope this post was helpful. Kindly let me know if you need any other information, I'll be ready to provide.

Till next time😘


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  1. This is so helpful. I am planning on making this trip this year. Please how did you book your hotel? Was it prebooked?

    1. Hi Gloria. Glad you found this post helpful. We prebooked via ❤️

  2. Not bad at all....price and the fact that you didn't go alone so handy "photographers" lol

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are right about the photographer part. Going with friends also helped to save a lot of money

  3. Lade, please if you can see this, reply asap, as I'm equally planning a trip to Togo, I need to know, it's having an international passport compulsory for this trip and how was the clearance like in the borders, did they search or stuff? They they require you provide some documents for verification?


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