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3 Fun Ankara Pieces You Should Rush on Mayrush

21:53Lade Ibikunle

Hello lovely people. Welcome back to my blog. I hope you are all doing splendid. Today's post is one I love so much because I get to talk about an amazing #MadeinNigeria brand.

There is an increased rise to support and patronize #madeinnigeria products at the moment. It started with the sudden crash in Naira and even now when the economy is a bit stabilized, the passion for #madeinnigeria is still very much burning. It has moved from a thing of necessity to patriocity and I am totally here for it.

With this movement however comes the issue of where to buy quality #madeinnigeria products. You don’t want to waste the money you’ve worked for on baruf (fake).

Today, I bring to you MAYRUSH, a #MadeinNigeria brand that prides itself as a one that provides fun and trendy ready to wear Ankara pieces. And I’ll be showing you 3 pieces you need to absolutely rush on MAYRUSH. Let’s get into it, shall we?

This set is one I love so much with all my heart. The cut, the detailing is just exquisite. Ideal for the boss woman who still wants to be in touch with her culture. It is suitable for work, brunch, PTA meetings, you name it. One thing I look forward to when I shop for clothes is versatility and this sure ticks that box. You can style the pant and jacket separately. You can even shop them separately if you wish. The set retails for N15000 (N7500 separately).

This piece is so versatile that I’m getting excited thinking about all the different ways I will be styling this. Can be worn on its own with different inner garments for effect or styled with your choice of pants as seen here. You can even go avant- garde with your headpiece. Chai! And it costs just N5000. What???

I’m not one to exaggerate except when it comes to my sleeves. And I’m totally here for the sleeves of the OBY dress. I really appreciate the fact that the pattern of the sleeve is stripe and not polka dots. I’m not a fan of polka dots at all (that’s Princess Audi’s thing πŸ˜…). Bonus point, IT HAS POCKETS. What more do you want Biko? Can be worn to any kind of event, brunch, lunch, dinner, date night, work, church, wedding, PTA meeting, the list is endless! And it costs just N7000.

That’s it guys. It’s your turn now. What piece(s) did you like the most? What pieces will you be rushing on MAYRUSH? Hit me in the comments and let’s continue this conversation.

Till next time πŸ˜—


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  1. All pieces are stunning but my favorites have to be that mesh pieces and the oby dress, definitely something I'd wear, I love the mix of stripes and ankara, its so pretty.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you Sarah for the continued support. I love girl!!!

  2. I love all....but that organza bubu is my favourite.

  3. I like all three😊😊


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