10 Tips and Tricks to Travelling on a Budget in 2019 how to travel on a budget

10 Tips and Tricks to Travelling on a Budget in 2019

07:24Lade Ibikunle

This year is the year we stop daydreaming about our best destinations to visit but actually visit. Enough of all the moodboards and pins we have created of all these places. It’s high time our own picture finally joined the board.

In this post I will be sharing 10 tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget in 2019. Some of these tricks I have personally used and they totally work. So lets dig in shall we.

Travel During Off-peak Times 

Research and plan your trip around off-peak times.These are times that are free from seasonal celebrations that will require people to travel a lot. At peak times, tickets, bus-fare, food, everything is usually more expensive. So, traveling at those times is not advisable. Also bear in mind that off-peak hours in Nigeria might be different in other countries so you need to research well!

Travel With Friends And Share The Bill
I have personally used this trick and it works! Remember my trip to Togo? I traveled with 3 of my friends, we stayed in a really nice apartment, visited so many places and our bill came to almost nothing because we shared it! Want to see the Togo Trip Cost Breakdown? Click!

Use Local Transport
There's really no point travelling and forming big girl/boy by using cab. Save your money and take the bus, use the tricycle, ride their bikes, just save some money on cabs and you'll be better off for it.

Cook Your Own Food
Cooking your own food is always cheaper than eating out. And to make cooking your food possible, you have to book a hotel/apartment with a kitchenette. Just because you are travelling doesn't mean you should eat out! 

Travel Light
Do not travel with a lot of boxes, there is no point! If you are travelling for a 5-day trip, pack 7 clothes at the most, there's no need for 15. Also pack travel-size skincare and makeup products, there's no need for the full bottles. You probably will not need more than 2 sets of jewelry. Leave your trinket box at home. Do everything in your power to pack as light as possible. 

Buy Street Food
Trust me, fancy restaurants are just setup to cyphone your money, and quickly too. Their food is probably not as good. So patronize the locals, buy street food, learn their culture, learn their language. That is why you traveled isn't it?

Book Your Flights Way Ahead
One thing you should know is that prices go up as your travel dates draw closer. So it will be wise for you to book your flights ways ahead so you can get the best deals. Also share and compare flight deals before booking. Its simple, just use google. For example, just type 'Flights to London' and a bunch of prices from different airlines will pop up.

I know the sentiments around Nigerians and souvenirs but aren't they a little old? Just focus on creating memories first and if after the trip you have some change, then you can buy souvenir for your entire village.

This vacation will not vacay itself and no matter how many tricks I give you, you will still need to spend some money. So start saving today. Like today today, not tomorrow. I use piggybankng to save daily. They deduct N1000 from my account daily without hassle. Try it and use my referral code for extra money.

Be a Nigerian And Use Your Haggling Skills
Do not travel and be forming porsh. Haggle very well especially when you are in open markets. Don't forget the son and daughter of whom you are. Lol.

That's it guys. I hope this post was of big help. Feel free to share any more tips you know in the comments section so we can all learn. Also share how many countries you have traveled to. I just want to know out of curiosity.

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