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JUST AFANG, The Local Nigerian Cuisine Fix | Restaurant Review

16:00Lade Ibikunle

Happy new year dear readers. It's 2019, a brand new year, a clean slate to forget the past and start afresh!
I pray that this year brings along with it all the goodies it can offer.

My first post of the year (and probably my second) is a food review (no surprise there). I recently visited the newly launched restaurant by Wofai Fada (the Instagram comedian) called JUST AFANG. I put up a post on my Instagram asking if you would like a review and you all said yes so here it goes.

Just Afang is located on 12 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1. Might be tricky to locate if you are not a regular user of that route but then google maps should be of great assistance, so that should save you some navigation time.

Ohhhhhhh, I love love the ambience of this place. Once you enter the restaurant, you'll be guided to the eating area which is upstairs and has a view of the ocean. But note that it is not open-air. You'll see the ocean from a window which kind of makes it look like you are on a cruising ship (I hope to God that you understand my description). Its simple beautiful.

The name might suggest that they serve just afang soup but on the contrary, they serve different local cuisines from boli, to vegetable rice, edikaikong, bush meat, smoked fish, ofada rice, garri and groundnut, etc.

Service was nice, the waiter was warm and cordial. Once you've made your order, you are served a tiny calabash of groundnut to nimble on while they go make your order. Fam, the wait-time was long sha. It took about 30-45 minutes for our order to arrive. My God! My eyes were already bulging out and my tummy rumbling from hunger. They say its because the food is freshly made, I understand but they need to do better with time.

Their food is actually quite affordable and it tasted amazing, just like home cooked food. My God!

What I ordered
Afang Soup
Eba (Garri)
A bottle of Water

What Bae Ordered
Ofada Rice
Spiced Chiken wings
A bottle of Coke

Everything we ordered cost N6300 (Sorry, I lost the receipt so I don't know what each of the item cost but I know my order was below N3000 and bae's was just a little over N3000 because of the chicken wings).
Yes of course, especially for the ofada rice. Not many restaurants know how to make ofada sauce perfectly so when I find one that does, I'll stick with them.
I would recommend you try this place out if you're looking for new places to eat in Lagos.

And if you have visited Just Afang, I would like to know what you think of the restaurant. Also suggest new places you'd like me to review. Maybe Danfo Bistro next, who knows? Their bread and and agege bread has been the talk of town lately😏

Till next time 😘


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  1. Hello. New reader here. enjoyed reading the review and it made me want to visit the restaurant soon which i would.
    please though, i was unable to read the left section of the article cos the share pop-up was blocking it. i don't know if it is how the blog has been designed or my desktop error.

    great content by the way.


    1. Hi Anon, thank you so much for reading. Glad you enjoyed it. I think the pop up thing is a desktp thing because it's supposed to pop and leave after 5 seconds.

  2. I went there a few days ago The waiter was clueless no groundnut to nibble on. We waited forever for the food, the ekpang was OK but the afang didn't taste like afang. Not going there again and I won't recommend.

    1. Oh dear! The wait time sha. Veryyyyyyyyyyyyy Long. But my Afang was nice. Or maybe I went on a good day

  3. Lmaoooo @your food baby! Im a sucker for ofada so I might find myself there very soon. And good affordable food? Who would have thought such an innovation could come to Nigeria? JK! Love the review and the space looks amazinggggg. Im so happy for Wofai!

    1. I am happy for Wofai too. Just a few tweaks and the sky is the limit

  4. I want to read more!!! Nice review❤

  5. Wow! Omo Ibikunle you're doing great, being a busy guy makes it difficult to specially much time online but guess What, I'm impress with your blog innovation. Let begin to promote your blog and article by sharing them online. I believe it will bless alot of people and increase the traffic. God bless you

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