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A Love Affair With Polka Dot

16:00Lade Ibikunle

I never thought the day will come that I will like polka dot, enough that I will be clad in one. Me??? I just don’t like the image of too many circles/holes cluttered in one place! But see me now, wearing polka dot and looking so damn good in it!

I think Sarah Audu is rubbing off on me (she is the queen of polka). Permit me to go philosophical at this point. The saying ‘Never say never’ seems to suffice per this situation. Sometimes we are so hell-bent on not trying new things, giving chance a chance, and we actually forget to live. Life is not so deep and it shouldn’t be tightened so close to your chest. Let loose, let go, let God and live a little. You’ve only got this one life so make good use of it. NEWSFLASH: Re-incarnation is a facade.

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You’ve only got one shot at this, so use it wisely. You don’t want to look back on your old, frail self with regret, wishing you have done half the things you didn’t do. Okay? Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk 😀.

Outfit Details
Dress: Des Thrift on Insta
Mules: Jumia Nigeria
Bag: Miniso Nigeria
Hair Natural Hair Rocks (on Insta)
Sunnies: Tweenklezz on Insta

I really love this dress that I got for cheap while thrifting. It’s the  perfect holiday dress especially with the cross-cross detail at the back. I styled it with a pair of mules with black bow detailing and a green cross-body bag! Perfect right?

Let me know your thoughts below
What's the one thing you desperately want to try today?

Photograaphy by Adetoke Oluwo
Edited by me
*all images shot with mobile phone*


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  1. Aww yay, thanks for the mention Lade. You look lovely, I like the mix of prints with the gingham shoes.

    Princess Audu


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