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6 Blogging Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

16:00Lade Ibikunle

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Blogging is hard work! You have to constantly care for and nurture it. From the inception of the idea of starting a blog, to publishing your first post, to building a base of regular readers, to learning about SEO and ranking a little better on google search, to finally being recognized by brands and making money and BAM, you are hit with one of the blogging nightmares *insert scary sound effect*

how to style a power suit
In this post, I’ll be sharing 6 blogging nightmares, some of while i collated from an Instagram question tag. And I'll be telling you how to avoid them. Without rambling too much, let’s get into it.
As I said in this post, blogging is not that easy and there are times things can be really really tough. But what will save you is your true and absolute passion for what you do. Don’t start blogging unless you’re absolutely into that niche. If you don’t enjoy talking about your blog’s topic, then I suggest you take a back seat and re-evaluate this blogging thing.

I also suggest that you join blogger communities that can motivate you for times when you are down.

how to style a power suit

I almost lost my blog once and boy was I scared???????????
Since then I have been very very careful and I make sure to do the needful, starting with backing up my blog.
I use the Blogger Platform and there is an option for you to backup/restore your blog, which I use from time to time.
For wordpress users, there a plugin called BackupToDropbox that you can use to backup your entire site.

how to style a power suit

Even the best of us go through this. Writer’s block is a natural occurrence but its how you deal with it that matters.
One secret I use is to jot down ideas that come to my mind immediately, a phrase, a subject, a topic, a word, just jot it down. You do not even need to develop the post immediately. The idea is to have enough in your ideas bank for whenever you need to develop content.
Also, do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure. If you know you cannot churn out four posts a week, do not go ahead to announce to readers that they will get four posts per week. That will just wear you out and leave you frustrated.
how to style a power suithow to style a power suit

I’ve tried over time not to let this bother me much. Truth is people are not entirely spurred to leave comments on a blogpost. Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying people don’t leave comments, I just mean it’s a little more cumbersome than dropping a quick comment on Instagram. First, they have to drop their email, decide whether to publish the comment as anonymous or their real names, see what I mean?

Having said that, I also feel like if you are generally writing about what people are interested in, they will engage with your post. So put out a survey and ask people what they will want you to talk about within your niche. That might just be what you need.
how to style a power suit

At times like these, I think about all the times client has loved my work and I tell myself ‘If the client loved that, they’ll love this one too’. Why? Because I work, hard and I know my onions. Yes, I psyche myself.
how to style a power suithow to style a power suit

I totally understand this fear, but what I take out of it is that we bloggers/influencer's/content creators should find new ways to deliver. Truth is things change. The ways of blogging in the next ten years will definitely be different from today. So we constantly need to upgrade ourselves, take a few courses, do some reading (online &offline). Just stay relevant and fresh.
how to style a power suit

While these are not the only blogging nightmares you will face in your blogging journey, they are definitely the biggest. But don’t freak out, just learn all you can about how to avoid them by reading and updating yourself and you will be fine.

how to style a power suithow to style a power suit

I want to hear from you all too, so please interact with this post. Help me deal with my Nightmare 4. Also leave suggestions on how to deal with these nightmares and others not listed above.

how to style a power suithow to style a power suit

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  1. Thank you for this.
    I lost my blog last year . Like the entire thing. It got hacked into.
    So I had to start again.
    Thank you for this. I know I will have to work hard to build mine up and get it functioning.
    I plan to come to you for personal coaching.
    Hope you will help me.

    1. Thank you Mary.
      So sorry about your blog
      sure, i'm here for you.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post because I could relate. It’s so much easier to blog when it’s a passion. Sometimes your energy may die down especially when things seem to be slow. Like rightly you pointed out, upgrading yourself and learning is key to staying relevant. Well done girl! I really admire your consistency ��

    1. Thank you Fisayo, I couldn't agree with you more

  3. This was a good read Lade, I like how you suggested ways to overcome these nightmares. I was once scared of people not engaging with my posts, most especially on Instagram but I worked to find out what they what to see. And now that's a thing of the past

    1. Thank you Sarah.
      Glad you enjoyed the post.
      its very important to feel the pulse of your readers

  4. You totally nailed it with this one. Esspecially points 1, 4 and 6. At a point I just stopped posting on my blog and I didn't even care but it's something I enjoy and if everyone doesn't engage it's cool because it still gives me joy. I'll say having a plan and dishing useful content will help one avoid a few of these nightmares.
    P>S - This look is uber chic and giving me Parissienne vibes.


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