Basic Black & White Ensemble fashion

Switching up The Basic Black & White Ensemble

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Hello there darlings. Welcome to my little space on the internet. Hope life is treating you well. Welcome to a new week, after a long Easter break. Tbh, I'm not ready for to go back to work but seeing as I don't want to go broke, I have to be ready. And just in time for work tomorrow, I'm publishing this post incase you need some work outfit inspiration.

Basic Black & White EnsembleBasic Black & White Ensemble
Today's post is about switching up the basic white and black combo. Gone are the days when this combo used to be a strictly choir uniform. You know the white shirt, black skirt with red beret/turban, yes that.

how to style white and blackhow to style white and black

Today, white and black is a complete fashion statement if done well and I'll be giving you tips on how to switch things up so you make a statement of your own. Ready?

  1. Go for an unconventional blouse/shirt. Try exaggerated sleeves, bell sleeves, asymmetrical cuts, peplum, shirts with detailed buttons, etc. Little details like these will make your outfit stand out.
  2. Give your outfit a nice cut with the addition of a waist detail. This can be your belt, scarf, etc.
  3. A red lipstick maybe. I know this is debateable but red lipstick against a white blouse is essentric and it screams class. Try it.
  4. Add some drama with your shoes. 
  5. Pay attention to your accessories.
  6. Your hair gotta bang sis. 

how to style white and black for women

how to style white and black

Basic Black & White Ensemble

Basic Black & White Ensemble

That's it darlings. My 2 cents on how to switch up a black and white outfit.

Do leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.
How else would you switch up a black and white ensemble?

Till next time😗


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