how to get to Obudu from Lagos lagos to obudu by road

Lagos to Obudu Mountain Resort by Road, Entire Cost Breakdown

13:02Lade Ibikunle

how to get to Obudu from Lagos
Hello beautiful people. Welcome to my little space on the internet. I hope you are all doing well. So sorry about the long silence. Life has just been...,life.

I am so glad to be writing this post mainly because it’s so highly requested.

This post is about my a road-trip from Lagos to Obudu Mountain Resort (Formerly,Obudu Cattle Ranch), cost breakdown and whatnot.

Traveling to Obudu is one of the best decisions I have made this year. Who knew what gem was there waiting for me. I will talk about my Obudu experience in another post but this one will cover just transportation and my entire trip breakdown.

There are two major transportation modes to Obudu, by air and by road. Whatever mode you choose, your best bet is to get to Enugu first. This is because Enugu is the closet to Obudu, even closer than Calabar to Obudu.

My decision to do a road-trip was borne out of my forgetfulness really. I did not remember to book my flight ticket early and by the time I got around to doing it, return ticket had doubled in price to the tune of N110,000. Yep, I was surprised too. So don't be like me. Book your flight ticket in good time.

I traveled to Enugu via ABC Transport system and this cost N6,150. The journey took about 12-13 hours. We left Lagos at 9:30am and got to Enugu at 10:30pm. This journey was so long because our driver was quite slow! Normally, Lagos to Enugu is 8-9 hours by road and 1 hour by air.

Because I got to Enugu so late, I had to sleepover in a hotel. Thankfully, 2 of my friends were with me, so we split the bill. We stayed at NUE CREST HOTEL, ENUGU and this cost N11, 440 (including breakfast) divided by the 3 of us, the bill came down to N3800 ish.

My Obudu trip was planned by a tour group so they hired a private car to come pick me (and other guys who booked this trip) from Enugu airport to Obudu Cattle Ranch.

If you are going on your own, kindly note that you can get Obudu bus at any bus park in Enugu and this will cost you about N3000. The trip from Enugu to the foot of the Mountain resort is about 4 hours. From there, you have to board another bus or car to the top of the mountain which is another 1 hour drive. This should cost you N1500.

how to get to Obudu from Lagos

My entire trip cost/breakdown

As I said earlier, my tour was put together by a travel/tour agency. And I paid N65,000 for my package and it included

  • 3 Night accommodation in a beautiful cabin;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 4 days;
  • Transportation to and fro Obudu;
  • Passes to all the tours/activities (Becheeve Nature Reserve, Canopy walk, Holy mountain trail, Bird watching, Hike, bonfire);and
  • Tour guide.

I traveled back to Lagos by air and this cost N36,072.

In total, I spent a total of N115,000 on my entire 4-day trip from Lagos to Obudu Mountain Resort.

I hope you found this post very useful as I've gotten a lot of request to make this post. I'm so glad you are interested in travelling to Obudu because I know you will have a swell time.

There will be another post detailing the Obudu Mountain Resort experience itself (more like a visual diary) but in the meantime, you can watch my vlog about the trip below. I'm sure it will be useful too.

Do message me on via email or any of my socials if you need more information. I will help in any way I can.

Thank you so much for reading. Please leave your comments and feedback in the comment section below. I want to know what your experience was like. And if you have never visited, tell me what you are hoping your experience will be like.

Till next time, 😘


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  1. Very nice write up and very insightful too as I'm actually planning a visitation to the resort in a month or two.

  2. This post was extremely helpful. Especially the Enugu route. I have been trying to plan a trip for a while now but scared of the 6hours drive from calabar airport... Like you said Enugu is closer . And pls would also love to know how safe the road journey is from Enugu

    1. Glad you found this post helpful. The road trip was pretty safe

  3. Where exactly can I get a direct vehicle to Obudu from Enugu. It will be nice to guide us to the exact location/bus park. Can we get at Ogbete bus park?

    Secondly, can we get a vehicle at any time of day from Enugu to Obudu


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