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My trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch | Visual Diary

12:16Lade Ibikunle

Hello beautiful people. Welcome back to my little space on the internet. Hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for opening this post. Means a lot to me. 

Today's post is all about pictures. A visual diary of my trip to Obudu Mountain Resort. For all y'all asking if Obudu Cattle Ranch is still functioning, well, here's your answer. Without further rambling, let's get into it.

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Let's start with a picture of the entrance, shall we?

A view! The mountains are so beautiful. They literally are surrounded by cloud. God is good

Rock Formation

Wallpaper Worthy

This was taken at the Grotto waterfall. Its so beautiful

What's a cattle ranch without cattle hmn?

A quick picture at the top of the canopy walk.

A shot!

More wallpapers

The most beautiful view ever! This is called Angel's view and I must say, I felt so close to God right at this point.

Fresh bananas from the local market

Mountain hike to Grotto waterfall

This place could pass for the abroad

Taking in all of God's glory

Bon-fire night
Detailed vlog of my trip below

Thank you for reading guys.

Till next time 😘


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