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Wearable Street Style Fashion | Issue #1

17:03Lade Ibikunle

Wearable Street Style Fashion
 We are just going to ignore the fact that the last time I posted on here was 4 weeks ago. Tired of apologizing, life happened and the rest is history. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my little space on the internet. Make yourself comfortable and let’s begin.
Wearable Street Style Fashion
Fashion season is upon us with the just concluded 2019 London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Here in Lagos Nigeria, fashion season starts in October with the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week, GT Bank fashion weekend, Design Fashion Africa, and many others slated to test your know-how in street style. But don’t worry guys, I’ll be here to help you through it as best as I can by giving you street-style ideas from now till the end of fashion season.
Wearable Street Style Fashion
 So what exactly is street-style fashion? Well, it’s precisely what it means. Styles from the street! It is a type of fashion that takes basic, simple pieces of wardrobe stables to create a somewhat distinct and alternative look different from what you’ll consider normal fashion. It’s the purest form of youthful exuberance and urban lifestyle because it follows no rule. If you want to wear a raincoat under the scorching sun, na you get your intestine! Or say you want to replace hair accessories for chocomilo (if you understand what I’m referencing here, leave a comment below), na you get your head.
Wearable Street Style FashionWearable Street Style Fashion

That being said, not all street-style looks are extravagant and excessively over the top. You can keep it together while still giving us an edgy look.
Wearable Street Style Fashion
Which brings me to my first look in this series. I have combined a simple white lettered Tee, midi layered skirt, overly dramatic Balenciaga dupe sneakers, Afro ponytail, layered necklace, multi decorative earrings, coloured squares glasses, a triangle-ish shaped sling bag and a hella attitude to create this look. Whew! Street style 0: Lade 1.
Wearable Street Style FashionWearable Street Style Fashion

I’m sure you have a shirt and skirt like this in your wardrobe. Just find a dramatic shoe, bag or hairstyle and you’re good to go!

Outfit Details
Skirt: Des Thrift
Sneakers: Aliexpress

Jewellery: Tweenklezz

You have no excuse for your lack of slayage people. I gat you! Like I said earlier this is the first of my street-style series. More coming your way so help me God.

Wearable Street Style FashionWearable Street Style Fashion

In the meantime, what do think of this? Is it something you see yourself wearing? How will you style it differently? Let me know in the comment box below.

Till next time 😘😘😘

Wearable Street Style Fashion

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