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Power Suit Inspired Streetstyle Look | Wearable Street Style Fashion | Issue #2

11:25Lade Ibikunle

Wearable Street Style FashionWearable Street Style Fashion
As I promised in my last post, I will be posting Street-style inspirations leading up to the week of Lagos Fashion Week. Don't know what Lagos Fashion Week is, check it out here. Today, we going to delve into how to style a two-piece suit and still make it look cool.

Wearable Street Style Fashion
Outfit Details
Sneakers: Aliexpress
Jewellery: Tweenklezz
Wearable Street Style Fashion

Wearable Street Style Fashion
When considering a two-piece street style look, make your you go for one that is not too bulky (thick material) hence you'll be giving Mary Amaka vibes and boiling from the inside considering Lagos sun. It also helps if the jacket is a bit oversized so you exhume that vintage 80s/90s vibe. The shoulder pad fixture also a good idea. 

Wearable Street Style Fashion
Street-style is edgy and 'neatly rough' so scrunch up your sleeve if you're wearing long sleeve so you give that rough, edgy vibe (see why getting a light material is important?). You may also want to consider bold, daring colours as against the neutral black, white or nude family so you pop and have the paparazzi on you. If you do decide to go for a neutral suit set, try accessorizing with bold colors for a sweet contrast. 

Wearable Street Style Fashion

If I were abroad, I'd wear this with an ankle or thigh-high boots but Naija wey we dey, I settled for chunky sneakers which actually brought the look together. Most importantly, have fun and slay!
Wearable Street Style Fashion
Many thanks to Aderopo Afolabi for these amazing pictures. Please check him out and book him for your next event, birthday, wedding, blog shoot, etc.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving your comments below.

Till next time 😘


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