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8 Important Lessons Blogging in Nigeria Has Taught me | Christmas Outfit Ideas ft Sarah Audu

13:08Lade Ibikunle

Christmas Outfit IdeasChristmas Outfit Ideas

Hey guys, Happy new month and welcome to the end of 2019 and the end of another decade.Times like these call for a bit of introspection and self-evaluation. I don't mean for a holiday post to be heavy and deep but it's necessary to look back in this instance, for me to look back on my blogging journey to see how far I've come and preferred steps for the coming year.

Christmas Outfit IdeasChristmas Outfit Ideas
For this post, I''m collaborating with Sarah of, finally! I have always wanted to collab with her. Thank God Lagos fashion week 2019 brought us together. Let's get started, shall we?

When I started blogging about 3 years ago, I honestly had no expectations. I was just a girl that loved to express herself and I really loved fashion so I decided fashion/style blogging was the way to go. I wasn't wrong because my love for the craft grew day by day and with that came the innate desire to always make my posts better than the last. So I researched, watched Youtube videos, added a lot of blogs to my reading list, bought gadgets, consumed any and everything that could make me better at this. 

Here are a few things blogging has taught me
Christmas Outfit IdeasChristmas Outfit Ideas

Even though the word 'consistent' is an adjective, I like to think of it as a verb, not just any verb but a 'doing verb'. Consistency helps you to do and do and do and do and do till you become master of a craft and even then you continue doing. Consistency has been tough for me being a 9-5ver living in Lagos, but I try. The goal is not to stop and this post is proof of that.
Christmas Outfit Ideas

Niche is not just a thing to say to feel cool or so people can think you know grammar. It is basically setting yourself apart. I started out blogging as a new/gist platform, Like Linda Ikeji 😢. But I had a real talk with myself and decided to switch. I find myself also applying the Niche culture to my everyday life by asking serious questions like 'Lade is this really what you want to do?' 'are there other angles to explore?' 'How can you do it differently?' and then boom, it hits me.
Christmas Outfit Ideas
Being a blogger means being a writer, photo-editor, video-editor, social media guru, website developer, negotiator, lawyer (sometimes), photographer, videographer, etc. There re many skills, I picked up along the way and I am so grateful for it. As I am like this, no photographer can do me shakara. All I need is location, tripod, camera, remote control and I'm good to go. 
Christmas Outfit Ideas
Blogging is not a competition. You are supposed to enjoy the ride. The worst thing you can do to yourself as a creative is comparing yourself to others. Stop looking at their stats, or the number of sponsored posts they have and focus on growing yours. Look, the truth is there will always be someone that has more numbers than you and you know the good news here? There is also someone out there who has lower stats than you. And that means you are doing something right, just continue.
Christmas Outfit Ideas

I know this is difficult but it's true. It is important to know that you do not go into blogging with the hopes of making millions because that is where frustration sets in (especially when the money does not start rolling in fast). Which brings me to my next point.

Christmas Outfit Ideas

6. NIGERIAN BRANDS ARE STINGY (with good reasons)
I used to be part of the people that will abuse Nigerian brands, talking about how they do not support Nigerian creatives and not realizing the importance of influencer marketing. But then I've had conversations with a few Nigerian business owners and I know better. It's not easy to run a business in this clime. You pay for everything; electricity, security, water, plenty government agencies, staff, etc and the worst part is banks are not giving loans, even if they manage to give, the interest rates are ridiculously high. Everything is set to make you fail! So I try to be understanding with these people. My rates are lower for up and coming Nigerian brands. It's the least I can do.

Christmas Outfit Ideas
As a Nigerian blogger, collabs don't just fall on your lap, unless you're a celebrity. So this necessitates me to actively reach out to brands for collabs and most times you hear No 'we will get back to you soon' which always indirectly mean no because they never reach out and even when you do, they say nothing. Whew!

Christmas Outfit Ideas
This industry requires a lot of 'keeping up appearances' whether in real life or online, but real life is better. I know I've gotten a number of referrals just based on networking and I've also referred some influencers to brands based on the network. You know that quote 'your network is your networth'? Very true.

There are more lessons I've learnt from blogging in Nigeria but I'll stop here for now because I don't want to make this post long and I also want you to go to Sarah's blog to read her thoughts too. 

This is the first of my Christmas Outfit styling Posts and I hope you love it. My dress is a simple 4-tier green dress with full sleeve. The material is very light and 'net-like' but not see-through. You can wear this to church, Christmas parties, carols, etc. I finished the look with a pair of black mules and a red bag.

If you're a blogger or content creator in Nigeria, I would like to know your thoughts too. What are the lessons blogging in Nigeria has taught you?

Big shout out to Soggie for these beautiful pictures. Please check her out.
Christmas Outfit Ideas


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  1. I can relate to all these lessons girl. Especially that part on Nigerian business, unfortunately a lot of them can't afford us, it really isn't easy running a business here. I really pray it gets better so everyone can grow. As for the network part, this year, a majority of my blog opportunities were as a result of my network and I'm so thankful for that.

    Princess Audu

  2. Love the dress ❤️😍. It's hard to support Nigerian brands and #buynigerian considering that they cost as much as, if not more than foreign brands but considering the cost of production in Nigeria its kinda understandable. However, it will be good if they can match the quality of foreign brands so at least so it can be worth paying for in the end. Great post and would appreciate deets on the dress too 😉


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