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Happy new year beautiful people. Welcome to 2020. I can't believe my first post for 2020 is just going up but we move.

Friday is the day of love aka Valentine's Day and as such, I decided to create a day to night look for you all. As it's Friday, I know some of you will be going to work first and then out later at night. So here's one easy way to smoothly transition from work look to parte look with friends or bae.

For the day look, I wore a red dress (how cliche) with a red jacket for that monochromatic look. Since both pieces are loose, I cinched it in the waist for fit and accessorized with black pumps and a black bag. The low-heeled pump was a delibearte action because since you are also going out at night, yyou want to keep your feet rested and heels to a minimum.

For the night look, I simply removed the jacket swopped my pumps for a pair of mules, my earrings for a more 'night appropriate' one and my bag for a shimmery gold purse. Oh, I smacked on a red listick too!!!

Hope this has helped you. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

I hope you have a beautiful Valentines day celebration.

Till net time, 😘


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