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Lagos to Uyo, Entire Cost Breakdown

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Hey guys, welcome back to my little space on the internet. How are you all doing? How's Lagos traffic treating my fellow Lagosians. So sorry, this too shall pass or should I say it will reduce.

In today's post, I am going to be talking about my Trip to Uyo and giving you guys a cost breakdown to help you for when you do decide to visit the beautiful city.

I had a few weeks of leave off work and I originally intended to spend it in an African Country, Rwanda to be precise. But Immigration office was delaying with my passport renewal so I had to find another place to visit and that's how I started looking at Akwa Ibom and fun things to do around there.

The first thing that drew me to the place was the beautiful Ibom Golf  Resorts which I have heard good reports of. And that began my planning and packing.

There are 2 major modes of transportation from Lagos to Uyo, which are by air or by road. You can book your ticket with GIGM or go to the bus park to make enquiries. A one-way road trip costs between N8000 to N8500 (it goes up to N10,000 during peak periods like Christmas). Lagos to Uyo by road is a 12 hours trip so be prepared!

I opted to go by air because I really had no strength for long road trips. There are 3 airlines that fly Uyo from Lagos and they are Ibom Air, Dana Air and Airpeace. I flew with Ibom Air because I wanted to patronize Akwa Ibom's local aircraft and it gave me an opportunity to review the aircraft.

Check out my review below

My round trip to Uyo from Lagos Cost N46,000. And from the airport to Ibom Golf resorts, I paid N3,700 via Bolt for a 1 hour trip. Which brings me to my next point, Bolt (Taxify) and Otrike (opay, keke) works in Uyo. So if you have the app, all you need to do is request for rides and you will be picked up and dropped off at your destination. You can also use their local transport system which consists of orange buses, keke or motorcycle which are relatively cheap. All of these in-city transportation costs me about N10,000 for 5 days.

All in all, I spend about N56,000 on transportation.

I stayed in 2 different hotels in Uyo. The first was Ibom Golf Resorts and the other was Majesty Realm Hotel.
Ibom Golf is definitely not cheap especially if you're lodging alone. But I decided to stay here mainly because I have heard a lot about this place and I wanted to review it.

Check out my review here

The lowest room rate you get at Ibom Golf is N45,000. Yep! But trust me, it's worth it. You get full breakfast, a tour guide at your beck and call and a host of other benefits I discussed in the video.
I stayed at Ibom Golf Resorts for 2 nights and that costs N90,000.

Then I moved to a Cheaper hotel and it was N10,000 per night and I stayed for 3 nights.
All in all, I spent N120,000 on accommodation. Why do I suddenly have a headache? Jesus, please replenish my account.

Like I said before Ibom hotel provided breakfast and trust me, I was a full breakfast option including rice, beans, yam and some wholesome meals. They also had the full English option but that's not my thing. So I made sure to eat full for breakfast. Like, I will eat a full plate of rice, beans, plantain, basically, the size of food meant for lunch. And that would last me till evening, then I just have snacks for dinner.

My other hotel also provided breakfast but it was very meagre. Just 2 slices of bread, egg and tea. So I had to buy lunch and probably snack for dinner. But food in Uyo is relatively affordable. N1000 will get you a good meal, good as in delicious and filling. So I spent like N2000 per day on food and snacks.

So all in all, I spent N6000 for 3 days.

In total, I spent N18200 on the trip and this covered flight to and fro, accommodation, transportation to Uyo and between cities in Akwa Ibom, Bolt and Opay rides, etc.

Please bear in mind that if you travel with a partner or a group, this cost will definitely be cheaper. You might just spend about N110, 000.

Want to know some of the fun activities I did in Uyo, watch these vlogs

Do send me a message via email or any of my socials if you need more information. I will help in any way I can.

Thank you so much for reading. Please leave your comments and feedback in the comment section below. I want to know what your experience was like if you've ever visited Akwa Ibom. And if you have never visited, tell me what you are hoping your experience will be like.

Till next time, 😘


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