#blacklivesmatter 2020 reveiw

What I Think About 2020 so Far...

14:42Lade Ibikunle

black lives matter 2020

You know what, I'd be lying if I said 2020 hasn't been a s**t year so far. From Coronavirus ravaging the world to the brutal wickedness from the Police force in Nigeria and even the world, the gender violence issues (RAPE) and the many other bad things that have happened in 2020 so far. To think that we are just right in the middle of the year. This is just too much!!!!!

What justifies a police officer to just from nowhere start shooting at people? What rationale do white policemen have to kneel on a black man's throat till he died? What will come over 12 men to gang rape an 11-year-old girl and kill her? Madness!!!!!!!!! We need you, Jesus. Just come now.

In this time and age, we still have to use hashtags like #stoprappingwomen #blacklivesmatter #stoppolicebrutality #wewantjustice and so on. It's basic human knowledge to know not to kill a human being, so why???
black lives matter 2020
As I ask why, I kind of know the answer. We have let it go on for too long such that it has become normal. We walk down the streets of Eko Market where the men make attempt to touch us or even touch us (women) inappropriately and we kind of give it a shrug. You know what, not anymore!!! From now on, even making an attempt to invade my private space and I will pepper spray your entire face and destiny.

It's also time for us to stand up and act. Make donations to charities committed to fighting these social change. No amount is too small. Also, speak up when things don't seem right. At work, school, mosque, church, even at home because I know some stupid uncles be moving mad!

I know this post had no particular bearing but I thought to say it as it came to my head. Uncensored, Unhinged!!!! We can be the catalyst for change with our little actions. See image below for some charities you can donate to in Nigeria

black lives matter 2020

Thank you for reading.
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